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Such as uneven Walkways, leaning Brick Mailboxes, sunken Sidewalks, tilting A/C Pads.

We save you up to 50% compared to foam injection.

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Cowboys Concrete Raising provides fast, efficient and top-quality concrete leveling and concrete raising services that will lift your sunken sidewalk or walkway slabs and restore them to their original condition. Contact Cowboys Concrete Raising today and we will provide you with a FREE concrete raising or concrete leveling estimate to raise and level your sunken or sinking a/c or generator pad, concrete sidewalk or walkway.

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Mudjacking or Slabjacking: Since the 50's Mudjacking and the newer polyurethane foam, was the only remedy, short of replacement, for restoring concrete to its original pour height. A pattern of holes of approximately 1 1/2" - 2 1/2" in diameter are drilled through the surface of the concrete at various intervals. Material is then pumped through the holes, creating a "pyramid" underneath which lifts the concrete. The holes are then filled with concrete that will never match the current concrete. So, why is Cowboys Concrete Raising process better?

  • Better looking, no ugly patched holes.
  • Better materials, we use decomposed granite for your concrete's support.
  • Better value, our process costs less than other techniques.
  • No wait time for drying, you can use your sidewalks or walkways as soon as we are done.

In a nutshell . . . . Cowboys Concrete Raising's process provides a better-looking, more permanent solution than mudjacking.

Over time, concrete sidewalks and walkways can sink. Such sinking is not only unsightly but can also be dangerous. On sidewalks and walkways even a relatively small change in the surfaces between one panel and another can be hazardous to both children and adults.

Among the reasons for concrete sidewalk issues is the condition of the underlying soil. Soils that are rich in clay, such as the DFW area, take up more space and expand when they are mixed with water. This pressure causes sidewalk panels to expand, and cracks can result. In dry conditions, moisture content is reduced and this can result in settling issues.

In other cases, the soil on which your sidewalks were poured, might be inadequately compacted. Over time, tree roots may have grown and pushed up one or two of the panels. Additionally, inadequate drainage can cause moisture to gather and affect the sidewalk. The sooner the concrete surface is restored to its original level, the better for curb appeal and safety. You should not wait until the problem worsens before tending to it. Not only will the unsafe situation present liability concerns, but you are likely to incur increased repair costs by waiting. To restore concrete sidewalks or walkways to their original level position, two major approaches are available. One method is to replace the concrete panels, a process that can be expensive and time consuming. First, the old concrete needs to be broken up and removed. After that, the ground needs to be properly prepared for the new concrete to be poured. Then the concrete needs to be placed on the surface and allowed to dry. This method is wasting the original concrete, that in most cases is perfectly usable. The other method of sidewalk & walkway repair is less expensive, takes a relatively short time, and proves just as effective as replacing the concrete with new panels. This process involves lifting the concrete, aligning it, and restoring it to its original level and condition. Lifting a concrete sidewalk that has sunken involves raising the sunken panel, building up the base under the panel restoring it back to its original position. Our process removes the tripping hazard, no visible damage to the sidewalk or yard, costs about 50% less than replacement, the repair is completed in hours and usable right away. Plus, our repair process has been approved by many HOA's throughout Dallas and Fort Worth.


See what our customers have to say

Very Satisfied

I am very pleased with the job. We had several trip hazards, and they disappeared. I watched them do the job, and still can't believe how they did it. It looks perfect, no scratches on the concrete, I definitely recommend their services!

Excellent Results

Bruce with Cowboys Concrete Raising did an incredible job in raising my sidewalk. Crew were prompt, efficient and paid particular attention to detail. Their work was impeccable, and the results were beyond expectations. I highly recommend Cowboys Concrete Raising.

Great Work

They completed the work fast and cleaned up well. The walked me through the results and suggested ways to prevent future settling. This is the second time I've used their service. The first time they raised my walkway and now my sidewalk. I will continue to use Cowboys Concrete Raising for all my leveling needs because they are the best!

Very Professional

Cowboys Concrete Raising returned my call as promised and was very reasonable price. Would recommend.

Great Work

Did a great job on my walkway. Were on time, did a thorough job, Bruce explained everything. Would highly recommend.

Great Work!

Did the work fast ,cleaned up the work site,even charged less than the estimate. Would call them again for sure.

Very Fast and Excellent Value

Cowboys Concrete Raising did an awesome job on my sidewalk and walkways. They were pleasant to deal with, explained what they were doing and completely cleaned up after themselves. I have added them to our preferred vendors list for our HOA and highly recommend them to everyone. They did what they said they would do and charged what they promised.

Very Professional

They lifted my walkway section in about 1 hour and it is level. very pleased with the expertise. Would recommend you use them for your job. I am so glad I did not go with a mudjacking company, I just could not stand the thought of having all of those drilled holes patched and I knew the walkway would look ugly forever. Today my walkway looks just as it did new, thanks Bruce.

Did a Great Job

Their work was very professional, they were on time, had everything needed to to the job. The most professional and experienced of the companies I talked to-I would highly recommend him in terms of knowledge, skills, experience, and just a great person to work with....
The crew was on time, easy and fun to work with, and did a great job. Watching the slabs come up was magic. Who could ask for more.

Our Pledge To You

Cowboys Concrete Raising understands that customer satisfaction starts with arriving at your home on time. You won't have to interrupt your day, wasting valuable time waiting on the repair process. Our on-time record is second to none, and we arrive ready to work. If you'll not be home during the repair process we offer arrival and departure notifications via text or email so you'll know when we have arrived and departed from your home. With before and after pictures. Cowboys Concrete Raising crew will apply the same attention to detail and quality workmanship to every job, large or small. Trip Hazards are our top priority, your families safety is ours, we are here to help.
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